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Over Clocking

Guest mike416

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Guest mike416

hello all. my name is mike. i would like some help if antbody wouldnt mind.thanks. im interested in overclocking. i play only a few games, call of duty ,doom ,half life,ect . any way here is my specs.




INTEL ® celeron ® processor

1.5 v

ext clock 100MHz

ati 9600 256 mb

768 mb of ram

please let me know what else u need . thanks

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Have you had a chance to look at these links yet?







And if you post any questions using the "New Topic" button on this page:




your post will be seen by a lot more overclockers and will most likely get answered much quicker. :)


(I have no clue why the "OverClocking" is so seldom viewed. :huh: )

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