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I run my 3400+ @ 2.75ghz all day long max load of 44c with the zalman 7000cu.


To get it down from 48c full load, I had to put a couple holes in my side plexi and add some fans. That's at 1.62 max vcore. When I o/c to 2.8 and run close to 1.7 vcore, it reaches 46c now / 52c before.

well heres one review that ManiaK posted it seems pretty good if you could clock it at 2.8ghz and at 1.7 and stay 52 or under 50 with that clock and vcore so i should be good at 2.6 at 1.62vcore and i ask raymo about his and he said its 32-34c at idel 46-49c at load so that seems what i need im ideling at 35 too 37

and load 58 too 63 :nuke: at 2.6ghz at 1.68vcore but at 2.4ghzs at 1.47core what im runing now and its at 35 too 38 idel and load 50 too 55 still alittle high my cpu dont like over 60c or it will fail on prime im useing the stock 64bit heat sink with a 80mm 5000rpm fan holding on with 1 screw but its pretty tight but i think the heatsink is made out of Aluminum so thats problee what my problem is with mine

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wow I would be worryed about anything with one screw clock down bro get that set up. nice #'s If it is that cool. I'am looking for a heatsink and fan my self air. let me know how that works out. I been running hot though from the first day I put this rig together 55*c its stock retail 2500+ I set the fan to full speed and the temp has stayed there most of the time even after the oclock but to stay safe I'am staying at 1943mhz till I can find something better than stock.

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its pretty much holding pretty good with the 1 screw lastnight i pop on another fan overtop of it and its still tight it drop another 3c too 5c not much but it should be good till i that new heatsink and plus the green cup in my case on my case window is pushing on the 2 fans so it shouldint fall off.

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i just seen this cooler http://www.insanetek.com/index.php?page=arcticcf64 and it looks too be doing close too the xp-90 with lower noise and it cheeper it shows my motherboard for installing it will this be better than the zaman or close?

I just bought that to keep me going till I can afford water! AH well, I'll only be using it a couple of months max...
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