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http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...L7MWQSBHQSKSU7I installed the optimizer utility everything seems ok, but the internet tune up setting works better set on the low latency setting not the optimizer setting.I use DSL The setting 32120 seems to work best. At least I try and support this site.[Download Bandwidth Test Results

Download speed: 1014 kilobits per second] [This is the download speed test alone]

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although i am usually very cautious of software without trial period, with optimizer largely because pcpitstop's rep and my online testing experience, took a chance, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!


I echo mcpowhite's comment and view my wasted money as contributary payment of the many pc tests i have run online. it simply does not compare with other downable software! and offers absolutely nothing special!

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