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Asus K8n-e Deluxe

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Hoping someone could put me onto a "guide" or something of the sort to help me in O/C'ing this bad boy. Seems I remember that when some of you guys started using the A64 cpu's that some of them got fried, I'm a po' boy and can't afford that stuff. Anyone have tips on starting out? I see in the BIOS there is "AI Overclock Tuner", should I try this or just do it all manually, taking it easy as I go?


Helpful tips and suggestions please.... :mrgreen:

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caintry just take it nice and slow. What I've noticed is that my systems have the hardest time recovering from incorrect memory settings and mulitple changes involving memory. Just take it slow and don't be over eager to increase voltage. Drop your multi a notch and slowly raise the fsb starting from below stock MHz. Go slowly one or two points at a time till you get to 10% oc of the original MHz. Example from 2000 MHz to 2200MHz. If you get there without raising cpu voltage, Vcore, then run Prime 95 for several hours to be sure it's stable. If it isn't stable raise Vcore untill it can Prime for several hours. Then continue on.

Some of the problems with the original 64 cpus have been sorted out. They don't burn up as easily anymore. Still no use in overdoing the vcore.

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