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Question About Different Broadband Speeds.

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Hi, just wanted to ask a question about different connections my ISP offers. Currently, I have a 768 Kb DSL connection, which is usually about 650 Kb. For 10 dollars more a month, however, I can upgrade to a 1.5 Mb connection. My question is, is it really worth it to upgrade to 1.5 Mb for an extra $10 a month? I donload a lot of stuff every day. I'm on a fairly tight budget, but if the speed difference is really worth it, I could shell out the extra money. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)

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well.. for just 10 bux extra id go for it myself. 10 bux isnt much more money to dish out. it all depends on how ya use it really. with that 1.5 connection.. youll more than double your speed overall and although u may not always be able to maximize it.. youll notice a big difference in some applications.

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