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When I said that "PC Optimize" failed to work, I mean, it never completed its operation and addditionally " hung" my processor with 100% activation. I had to "Ctrl-Alt-Del" out of it. Consequently, I have no idea iif it will improve my Internet Speed.

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Well, I guess whether they are worth the price of admission depends on how comfortable you are with doing manual adjustments. The target audience for the product is the user that wants increased PC performance without having to become tech-savvy to do it. Many users are not comfortable with registry edits, for instance.


Anyway, here's what it does:



in reference to to coment about the $29.99 be to expensive.....look at it this way; large amount of people have no idea how or when to clean or adjust their computers; thi optimizer don't do to much and it is VERY EXPENSIVE for what it do,but after all the year's of FREE PCPitstop, it is time to give some; after all this software do clean you're Cache and Files and OPTIMIZE you're system; no big diference on speed but but it is a little faster.I run windowsME on a 2GHZ and a 512MGS of RDRAM(rambu)and I purchase the $29.99 PCPitstop optimizer but I don't think that I will pay for the upgrade at the end of the year time, unless some changes are made. Never the less....I thankthe PCPitstop for a few free services that have help me in the pass 3 year's


Thank you guy's

Antonio Oliveira

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