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56k Weird

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i was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on improving my download.


The upload looks just fine.


I've had 3 different 56k modems and they all do the same, This one now is the best one of them all.


oh yeah it connects at 38.6 - 40.0 Kbps i think thats good is it ? :blink:

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Swifty, I have a 56k dial up. I get 52000kbs most of the time. Right

now, I'm at 49333. < that's slow to me. Some ISP's are slower than others

(I've tried most of them! lol) From my experience, MSN and Juno were the

worst. I haven't tried AOL, and I probably won't.

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Guest Murdoc3k

I dunno but try set your modem settings to Max speed of 115kb per a second... or in port settings under connection set the FIFO buffers reciving buffer and transfer at "Max" speed...


but I dunno why but b4 I used to have 52K per a second for connection... I never changed isp and now its only 48kb why is that? and is there a way I can imporve my bandwith for download from 25 to 56?


NOTE: Swifty try using download programs such as Flash Get for downloading files... they simulate 5 downloads to make you download faster but still I find only a bit of difference... :( the best advise is to get cable (which I wanted too)

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thanks everyone i think it is my isp.


So im going to get cable or adsl one day. :bawling:


how do i force a v.34 connection.

To force v.34 you need to add an init string in the extra settings of your modem properties. The init string depends on your modem manufacturer.

Conexant, HCF, HSF: +MS=v34,0

HSP, Rockwell: S37=12

Lucent: -v90=0 (or S109=0 for older versions)

USR: S32=98

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:shifty: Your problem's with speed lies solely in your modem. 56k modem ideally have high ping response times, so that could be the reason for why you have a high ping reponse time.
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That is not necessarily true. The biggest problem with 56k dialups is the phone lines. In many areas phone lines are so old they simply cannot pass the signal fast enough. Other things that also effect the speed are unregulated or irregular line voltages, line noise, RF interference, cable TV signals, weather, quality of telephone cords between your modem and the wall plug, poor connections between your house and the main lines in your neighborhood, and distance between that connection and the phone company switching center. (Among other things...)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks everyone for the advise


I found the problem by accident,


The phone wouldn't hangup properly last night so i unpluged it, :censored:


then when i dialed up i got 46.6Kb/s :)


So i unpluged the other 2 dialed up again and got 52.0Kb/s every time :woot:


So if anyone else has the same problem then try that.


seee yaaa

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