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When Do We Break Into The Top 100?

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All Intels are slower folding. Especially if its like 1ghz. At least it helps the team. My buddies Duron 800mhz will be slower than heck, but i'll take the extra power!!! Takes a day and a half for 1 400 frame WU, but what the heck!! Cant waste all those cycles!!

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yep, mohawk, and according to electron microscope, it wont be done with the 400 frame WU till tomorrow afternoon.....jesus, my athlon only took less than a day to do that....1ghz celly taking almost 4 days...that is pathetic!




imagine if i whip out my k6-200...


OwN@g3 tim3!!!! :P

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I sold the celery I had folding today. I figured I would just leave it running :P Then the guys tells me he had his cable shut off(moving to seattle). Looks like I'm down to one processor until I get the 2400 up and rolling :(


Also does anyone know why I am running this WU: p542_BBA5_N in water: for the 6th time?

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Guest fragged one

go into configure then advance, and change it in client type i got one big wu. :blink:

change it specifically to folding@home?
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the Folding@Home forum should be all set to go later today :)


all the topics that have brought up "folding" will be moved into it.


I would like some suggestions on what to put in the sub-heading for it. :help:



Viruses and spyware

Identify and remove stuff you never invited into your PC.


Discuss your score

Show off your computer and get advice on tweaks.


It should be something simple, short, & keeps with what the Pit is all about :mrgreen:

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We broke 500 :cheers:


Date of last work unit 2003-04-29 03:02:28

Active processors within a week 46

Team ID # 32035

Grand Score 9012.74988365173

Work Unit Count 299

Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 490



time for the dancing bananas!!!



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