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Guest Trusten

I used a couple of different download accelerators back when I was on dial up. I think most all of them have at least adware, just to keep them free. Gozilla comes to mind, Dap, netants....I'm sure theres more. The best part about download managers is the resume feature they usually have. You never know when you'll lose the dial up connection. I remember the Napster days. If you got cut off during a song download that was tough luck because you couldn't resume. I sure am glad those days are over. All hail the mighty cable gods, for they have blessed us with speedy downloads.

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Guest bunkoramo

I use Ad-Aware & Spy-Bot quite successfully, I also use a few others:-



{Hi-jack this} http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/

{Similar to Spybot} http://www.jv16.org/

{System Mechanic} http://www.iolo.com/sm/



I have quite often found one that picks up something the others don't, this is I think mainly due to them not having exactly the same data lists. It's potluck really.

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this has done my broadband no harm :)


it may help dial up as well ,


this will increase the speed of web pages opening if nothing else


im not sure how, but it goes something like this, windows has your browser downloading a web page set in the registry at


max connections per1-0 server ==1

max connections per server == 1


this means your browser is downloading a web page at a rate of 1 and 1

( thats not very fast is it :mrsgreen: )


cable nut program will change the above settings to == 8

== 4

( thats a bit more like it :mrgreen: )

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