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Creative T7700 7.1 Speakers

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is this normal when i play dvds all the speakers plays except the middle one is that right? and in half life 2 all of them work somegames ony the sub and two speakers work is it because the dvds and somegames doesint support 7.1? i looked on back of the dvd cases and they say 5.1 is that why the middle one not working?

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If the DVD is 5.1, then the front center, front right, front left, rear right, and rear left speakers should work.

For some reason, my rear center (6.1 speakers) speaker NEVER works. I did a sound test with the sound card software (which is a 7.1 sound card), and the rear center speaker didn't play any sound. I switched around that speaker and another one, and where ever I put it made it play fine (no speaker would play when it was rear center).

Maybe it's the sound card, says 5.1/7.1 :|

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so far i think i got it working the center one is working in game and movies now but when im on windows when i click something or go down too the taskbar and click that window speaker too make that chime ony the woffer and the center one make the sound but in music and movies and game all of them work is that right?

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