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Really Freaking Bizarre!

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Heard of similar. When working for the PD I heard from one of the older guys about finding a dead woman who was extremely overweight. She also had skin flaps that were very large. Upon her arrival to the morgue, silverfish came crawling out of the rolls of flesh. Upon closer inspection (lifting up the rools) theyhad found dead silverfish and an insect nibbled-on half eaten oatmeal cookie.


Got lots of ER stories, there should be a site for them.

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well im not hungry anymore.... thanks... there goes my easter dinner.......





I used to cringe at gorey, gross medical pictures, but now, I find them interesting and sometimes just stare for a bit thinking, "hmm, looks like an artery right there.... ouch, look the way that guy's tendons were severed...." Revolting, I know :drtux:
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