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...I haven't got the time to go into this deep enough to figure it out so I thought I'd ask the pro's what can be done with this ? :erm:




Basically I'm about to buy a new H/D as I'm fed up with struggling with space, but before I went to this expense I thought I'd apply a bit of forethought, if buying >>>This Hard Drive<<< I will be stopping myself from achieving something better down the line in the power and speed department, or will I just be able to utilize this drive to achieve anything you can suggest I could achieve here, or is it a case that anything I could achieve with this wouldn't be worth the trouble or expense of trying ?

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Well I'm not in a position to change my mother board and CPU at this time (couldn't really afford the drive either but needed the space lol) so that shouldn't be an issue, but TBH I can't really say I notice any difference in speed, I already had a 120gig Maxtor diamondmax 9+ with 8mb cache so not sure if theres much of a difference in them, but I can't say I've noticed it if there is, otherwise it works fine, I will probably be back in the near future to see what I can do with what I have here now. :mrgreen:

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