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Recently, I have been having horrible lag in my games. It seems to be a unique type of lag too. I am playing any game Ex. Battlefield 1942, and my ping is in the 80-140 range. Then, all of a sudden, I freeze up for awhile, then go back to normal. I have done tips and cleared cookies and TEMP files. This has happend recently in ALL of my games. At first I thought it might be beacause of my cached and uncached speeds on the C drive, those of you who might have posted from my last question might remember. I have got those things back to regular but my issues with the lag come right back. This has not happend until a few weeks ago. I have Zone Alarm installed like I have been for as long as I have had ADSL.



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i always thought that u wanted firewalls and anti virus software to be shut off when playin games on the net. i havent gotten into online gaming yet. did it a few times to see wut its like and got my :filtered: kicked in rogue spear so that was a discouragement. :)


anyway. u could try disabling those things and see wut happens. no idea on the outcome.

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