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Ipod Vs. Creative Zen


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I was looking for an MP3 player for my daughter and can't decide between the Ipod or Creative Zen. Consumer reports says that the Creative is better than the Ipod except that the Ipod has the Apple name.


They both allow D/ling of music or uploading of MP3s from your computer.



Which would be better????

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You will get more for your money with the Zen Touch, but apparently the control takes a bit of getting used to.


The Ipod is THE thing to have though, so it depends on how fashion/style conscious your daughter is.


I would personally go for the Zen Touch, but it's just my opinion.


I'm sure she'll be well pleased with either.

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iPod, I have an iPod mini myself.

The quality of the product is great, the interface is easy to learn and use. Although you have to use mp3,aac,wav,or apple uncompressed file formats(wmas have to be converted to mp3, itunes has a convertor built in for that). So not being able to play wmas isn't really a problem. Also, I'd pick the iPod because of the support.


I had to send my ipod mini back in because of an isolated battery issue last week. I created the order to send it back and get it replaced for free, and the box to send it in was on our front door the next day. I then sent the box with the ipod mini, they received it two days later and are fixing it now. I'm supposed to receive it next week, because of christmas. So if you get one with a weird battery problem, they will replace it for free. If the battery life is under four hours, they'll replace it.


Just remember to get an external case for it, as the ipod's back side is very scratchable. I recommend the iski


Also, reguardless of what you pick, get some nice headphones along with it! The ones they include are crap.

edit: oh yeah, for downloading music, I'd say the ipod is best. I personally think the music from itunes music store sounds better than what the other stores have to offer. The pricing is more consistent also; always $.99 for each song, reguardless of length, and albums are mostly $9.99. It also has the largest variety of music, over a million songs to choose from.

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Which Creative Zen CC?

I saw a 30GB in the paper.


From what I understand is that they are equally as good, but Apple has the name and only a name.


Creative has had this type of unit for much longer than Apple so I would think it would be pretty good.

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I'm for the Creative Zen merely because it ISN'T a trendy Ipod. Back when I bought mine, they were the 'underdog' and they were cool because no one had them. Now you can't go 10 seconds without hearing about Ipods. They've become as passe as Louis Vuitton hand bags, and now that everyone has one, there are a lot of other better players coming out at cheaper cost.

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