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What Is Optimize Supposed To Fix?

Guest harry.cohen

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Guest harry.cohen

Hello I am new to the forum having just purchased "Optimize", but have been familiar with the excellent services that PCPITSTOP provides free of charge for some time now. Thank you very much for that.


Just yesterday I purchased and installed "Optimize". I did a full set of testing before and after running the application and the results were similar..???


I repeated them today. First set of tests indicated the presence of minor problems:

"Internet Explorer Cache Overflow" and:

"Slow Internet Performance"


I closed pcpitstop then ran Optimize and clicked on "remove internet cache" and "remove temporary files" then, following instructions, restarted my computer.

Upon restarting, I tested the PC again and to my surprise, the results are UNCHANGED indicating problems in the SAME AREAS.


Isn't that what "Optimize" is supposed to fix???


PS: here is a link to the last test, funny but I can not find the results for the one that did before restarting the computer?????



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Here's a working TE link:



Usually, if there are still junk files after cleanup it means that some of the files were in use. That can be due to a lot of reasons, for example you may have an app that is using the temp directory. We don't delete the files in that case because it could cause a lot of problems with your computer.


It looks like you have a dialup connection, a cache size of 11MB is not very big for a slow connection. I would raise that to 30MB or so. The red flag we're giving is for the ping time, which can't really be tweaked by any utility. Optimize can adjust the receive buffer sizes, but if the ping times are low there isn't a lot anyone can do except change ISPs. The actual transfer times look okay for dialup.


Have you had any virus or spyware infections recently? I am wondering whether some files are hiding in the cache area.

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