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Holy Crap, The Roads


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Even after 2 days of above freezing temps (into the upper 40's) the dirt roads here are still an icy mess. Yesterday we decided to venture out and put the ol' Tahoe in 4 wheel drive and try out the roads...all was well until the big hill that leads down to the bridge over the creek. We slid a bit but made it down OK. Then we're thinking...how the heck do we get back up that sucker!? We drove around and accessed the roads a little and all else was fine. Went and checked out the "back way" in and it looked really snowy still so we came back to see others try out going back up the hill. We parked to the side of the road and watched a guy in a big older model 4 wheel drive Chevy pickup truck with big ol' off roading tires try it and he got about half way up the hill and slid back down into the ditch (not real deep though). He got out of the ditch and turned around and started to leave and talked to us a second and as we were talking a little green dodge neon slides down the hill sideways. The guy in the truck says "well it looks like it's OK now." (WHAT?! OK? Hum...I don't know how he surmised that, perhaps one too many brewskis! "DO YA THINK!") So he turns around and tries it again and gets a good running start and almost makes it up the hill when his truck dies and he slid all the way back down the hill into the ditch again. Well we were getting ready to just park it and walk when he tells us that we should just go around the "back way" in. So off we go to take "genius's" advise and try the "back way" in...luckily it was clear and we made it home in one piece. He IS a genius after all...hahaha!!! Goes to show you, you can't judge a book by it's cover can you? :lol:

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