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Holy Crap, The Roads


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lol Ark! well yeah there are shingle roofs... this one is that metal seamless interlocking kind tho :santagrin:


Ice is terrible here.. alot of folks don't have electricity right now and it's 14 degrees

:mrsgreen: I usually hate the gas heat we have until something like this happens then I am glad of it :P

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I called in at work and said if you want me there ya gotta come get me...


and of course they did :bawling: I could be home all cozy drinking hot chocolate and watching movies but noooo I have to work ... I even have to work four hours tomorrow :erm:


Hey I like the red metal.. there is a little blue house across the road that just got a navy blue metal roof.. the one next door to that has a red one.. ours is gray.

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whew thank goodness that theory about all of us country folks is a myth... an outhouse would be horrible right about now.. talk about freezing ya tail off :lol:

I think it would out do my experience as a child getting stung on the butt by a bee in one of those little shacks of horror :lol:

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Lady's I hope the best for you, I know it's a little more difficult in your parts of the country when it snows. Just bundle up, Go out build a snow man, go sledding with the kids, dump some snow down the back of your boyfriends/hubbys shirt, grab your camera's get some great pictures to remember for years to come.


Make the best of it, but most of all enjoy the white Christmas I was hoping for. Merry Christmas.








Metal roofs? :huh::blink::rollie:

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Well those roofs are certainly not what I had pictured in my head.


They are not very popular up here, not sure why, might have something to do with the noise in a storm, or maybe the condensation that might happen in the cooler weather climates that are more common.


Slate, and shingles are pretty much the norm.


Run outside, grab some snow, bring it in and have a snowball fight! Be creative, use your imagination. :lol: Sheeesh

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