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Good Websites Like Newegg.com And Tigerdirect.com

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This isn't really a wholesaler/overstock source, but once you do find a peice of equipment you want, you can always visit:




-- You can get a little bit of feedback on most products, as well as if you put in your postal zip code, you can usually find the cheapest shipping solution as well!

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There are so many. Newegg and ZZF is were 90% of my business goes. Here are a few others that I have bought from.











Gameve wasn't bad either... but if you have to talk to customer support, phew... be prepared to ask them to repeat it. I think English is probably most of the staff's 2nd language...
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you should ask how many people have bought from tigerdirect being led to believe the item was instock only to find out later that it was on back order. its happened twice and i can assure you it wont ever happen again :tdn:

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Im surprised no one has said www.pricewatch.com personally i think that they have a very easy to navagate site and offer some of the best deal online. i built my entire comp off of that site and have not had a single problem with them....... trust me thier the best!!!!!!!

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