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Optimize Didn't Help!

Guest boige

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:( I've run Optimize two times now and tested my computer two times. My computer is still slow! :help: What happened? What should I do now? Edited by boige
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Post a pit test and let us take a look. Also do a few basic cleanups and scans.



First download CleanUp and cleanup all the temp files.


Your Spybot Search and Destroy should be version 1.3.1TX, if not,

Please download, update and run this.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Install this one first, then install the #2 Spybot Download


Spybot #2 download

How to use Spybot.

Check and fix anything in red.


Your Lavasoft Ad-Aware should be Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition build 105, if not Please down it from the link given below.

Ad-Aware SE download

Also download the VX2 Cleaner plug-in and run it.

Fix what comes up.

How to use Ad-Aware

Then go here and run a free virus scan

TrendMicro Free online scan

Also here

Panda Online Scan


Then scan for Trojans here;

Free Trojan online scan

Another free online Trojan scan

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I fixed that link in your profile:



So I guess you meant your Internet connection is slow?


First thing I would do is get rid of all the background programs to see if they are using up bandwidth or otherwise interfering. In particular I am wondering about PromptCast and ForresterPanel, what they do, and how much bandwidth they might use.



Also, you should strongly consider adding another 256MB of memory.

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:) Thanks guys for replying. Porthos, I downloaded the new version of Ad-aware, installed and ran the VX2 cleaner. I was fine. My Spybot was ok, I had no trojans or virus. Thanks for all the links. Dave, thanks for fixing my link. I did get rid of Promptcast though. I have been thinking about getting more memory. What is the price range of another 256MB of memory? :santagrin:
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