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Folding@home N Cpu


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I downloaded folding@home n joined pcpitstops crew. it's been running constantly ever since. i haven't noticed any change in the performance of my PC at all! no slowing down, no probs.


i ran pcpitstops tests and had forgotten it was running until my results showed 100%CPU.


i quit folding@home, ran it again, it was 0%.


my question... since i don't notice any difference with it running or not, does it matter if i run it all the time?

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it does say if your running photoshop, psp, but if your just surfing and not doing much with your comp you can leave it on all the time. i have mine going even when i burn music, you would have to do some experimentation with other programs you use, and if it doesn't effect them then your ok to run it continuosly. :)

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thanks :)


i do occasionally use PSP but i'll see how it goes.


i like the folding@home thing  :rolleyes:  i feel like i'm helping to do something good! :)


I've been in this .. :blank: .. folding@home - thingy .. :blank: .. since it first appeared as a topic :blank: . I'm now on the third WU (which looks as if it's going to take about 52hrs) .... I would also like the feel -

i feel like i'm helping to do something good! :)

Everything seems to be working .... but, it's not :blank::blank: .


Existing folding members (10 or is it 11) .... any comments???

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