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2004/05 Stock Pitstop Challenge

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Pit Stop=2398

Pit stop








Pit stop details...

pit stop Details


day after new build.. Alot tunning to go....

Oh ya water [email protected] 7871????


Thats a very nice rig and a strong contender for the first place when u got it going properly :) Some things tho: You need to set resolution 1024/764 in pit test, your 3dmark and your pcmark links dont work, fix it and i will give u a thumb up next time ;)



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RaptorQuints, indeed!!


Is that 'cause there's five Raptors in the array or five 100's in their score? :lol::lol:


I guess when the stock scores start coming in higher than my best overclock it's time to start looking for an upgrade. :(


Awesome job sho :beer:

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Naw, I hear Flew on Tomy Lee and CrossFire on Silky Sullivan pounding up behind me. It's going to be a fun finish. :P:rocks: The winner on this one hasn't even gotten a call.

Sho .. there aint no way i'm gonna try and keep up with what you got up your sleeve ...... i'm hopin just to get my name thrown into the hat
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That trick is probably stayin up my sleeve. Waiting to see what some of the others are doing.

Hey there is so much hardware being attached and windows installing that you can go outside and listen to all the boot music. That 2000 music is creepy. The one to watch is SIK_L_CELL unless he gets eaten up by some new SLI monsters. His cpu is awsome and so is his vid card.


Hey UDT, bring that pitstop resolution down to 1024x 768 and you'll be fine for the Pit Test.

Your PCMark score seems to be showing up fine for me. Not sure about everyone else.

Not seeing anything for your 3D 01 Test. All it shows is my score. Don't give up. You'll get it. :)

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Guest toupegirl

Hey guys,


I just found out about the Top Dawg contest so I thought I'd throw my score in the drawing. Not much hope to win but I figured it'd be fun. :) So here's my score:


Pcpitstop: 746



PCMark04: 1593



3DMark01: 915



ISP: 76


Intel Celeron 2Ghz

Air cooling

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