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2004/05 Overclocked Pitstop Challenge

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Waahhhh!!! I'm not as schooled as the others. :mrgreen: WAAHHHHH!!

Very nice SIK. Those are some great scores. Will be even better when you get that Vapo rockin and your drives raided properly.

Fantastic scores and thanks for the help. :)

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3D01 score..24812



Pit score..2240



Pc04 score..5759




3.2EE @ 3.833 on air

I'm gonna submit another pit score when I get time. As you can see the 74 G raptor, scored low on that test. I'm not running raid. But that thing bounces around between 26 and 62 mb/s. Can't figure it out. Just have to keep testing till it scores high. Look the 2nd partition of the Raptor did 63 mb/s




Here is my pit test again. 2240

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