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Why worry, you can get Lian Li's over there for half the cost over here.



Edit; I've stripped down and reassembled the Akasa and it's definitely

not the build quality of Beantech. I've got nicks and scratches. The front bezel is plastic and it feels fragile. Moreover, you've got to remove a side-panel to get the front bezel off. That means that cleaning your front fan filter entails getting to the back of your box for the side panel thumbscrews, not ideal in a crowded space like mine.

Once you've removed the drive racks you find that the retention holes aren't precision-drilled. You've got to juggle the screw replacement order to get everything to line up again. I'm going to have to use rubber washers everywhere if I want to prevent any internal vibrations from using the chassis as a resonator.

Beantechs are way, way better. Pity about that fan thing.


However, there's lots of space and I can fit my three hard drives into the five-drive rack and leave a cooling space between each. Cool. :)

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w/ all fans off except cpu, i've never heard anything from vibration even w/ my raptors in a removable drive bay that simple clips into place. really don't see the point in drive rubber.


and you got a huge case if you have a small place to put it, lol, that thing is WIDE

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