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What All Can It Do For You?


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Hi, I purchased the pc pit stop optimize and wondering what all it does or can do,

and the price how long is that good for 1month,6mos, a year, for everever?

how long is the money back garentee for?

right now i am using the work computer as i am so fed up with mine. see my other post about error message rundall.

thank you for all your help.

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Hi, we have a list of all the things it does in a couple of places. Here is the high-level view of its features:




For the technical details you can go here:




If you would like a refund we'd ask that you request it within a couple of weeks of buying the product, and let us know why you are not happy with it. Ultimately we want you to be happy with the product though, so if you are having a problem with it let us know and we'll work it out.


Optimize is a one-time purchase price. If we have bug fixes or minor version upgrades we'll announce them here and you'll be able to download them from our customer service page:



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Thank you for the reply, so far did not notice anything execpt it took my screen saver off. I am over on the user to user forum with questions there too. once i get everything worked out i will try it again, and see how it goes.

thanks again.

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