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Connect 2 Computers To Internet

Guest rvman

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I have cable internet and two computers that are internet ready. One is a pentuim 2 with windows 98, the other is pentuim4 with windows xp. I can run either one on the internet by unplugging one and plugging in the other one. How can I connect them both to the internet cable modem and run them both at the same time independently of each other?

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You need to buy a router and 2 ethernet cables which will be able to reach your computers from the router. Then you connect your cable modem to the router and using the router connect the ethernet cables to your other computers.

I would recommend Linksys BEFSR41 router.

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You could use Internet Connect Sharing to surf the Internet with two or more machines on the same one dial-up or broadband speed type connection.


Its able to be used with network cards between two machines or more.


I`ve succesfully installed it on old bnc network and also with the new type 10/100 network cards too.


Details here :

Further down this page there are walk-throughs for various Windows versions




More links here :


networking info help http://www.homenethelp.com




Winproxy www.winproxy.com networking proxy like Analogue X



www.softcel.co.uk for network help


Very impressive one here as someone has gone to a lot of effort to simplify the process including some great step by step graphics too to install the network cards etc







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Guest wrecker0010

the first responce would be the easiest and quickest way to achieve your goal. be warey though, i had that same router and it went dead after only 11 monthes and comes with a 1 year warranty. belkin however has good quality stuff that comes with a LIFETIME warranty! my linksys went out 5 days ago and i went with the belkin 4 port wireless router with notebook pc card for 139.00. then there is the 40.00 rebate. i purchased through pcclub.com. install was a snap. cat 5 from the modem to the router, cat 5 from the router to the desktop and finally my viao laptop is connected by the belkin wireless notebook network card. very stable connections and easy to configure. :mrgreen:

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I've had my LinkSys router for right at 3 years now, never a problem. I know about 5 other people that have them also, every one for more than 1 year... My experience is that it's a rock-solid piece of hardware, and one of the easiest to configure and use.


We have 4 computers on my DSL connection in our household... I do heavy downloads of programs and updates... my son does lots of heavy-duty music downloads... and we never seem to have any net lag or slow down. It just WORKS!

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