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Is P C Optimize For Me

Guest Larry_Horse

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Guest Larry_Horse

Sup all,



I was just wondering if this might help. I've ran the the test many times and and the last few my bandwidth up and down have gotten poor scores. I game alot and my ping up till the last few months was in the 50-70 range. The last few months its been 150+.



I feel that I should go ahead and purchase Optimize just for the fact that the tests that you provide have been such a big help. I'm going to try to post my results so you can tell me what you think.







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Larry, first things first. I looks like you have a virus or spyware.





The most likely candidate is the recent MyDoom.ah variant:




Be sure to clean this out ASAP, it may be the cause of the problems you are having. Most of the major AV packages should be able to remove it with their latest virus signatures. See my pinned post in the Viruses and Spyware section for McAfee Stinger, it's a free utility that can probably clean it as well.


As far as Optimize goes, we have a full money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy with it just let us know and we'll refund your money.

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