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Where Did Speed Go?

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I have cable modem with broadband and tis is my most recent test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...HWWWW9E7CKSVMHB

I'm used to getting between 1800 and 2300 MBps, but the last few weeks it's gone. ISP provider says that I should get between 1.5 and 3MBps.

My latest test are very sporadic and only between 500 and 800?? What is wrong? Please help! :help:


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dont take the pcpitstop bandwidth test as the "law". there are other sites to test.


http://atl.speakeasy.net is a good one and consistent. and youre on cable so the company that is your provider could be flooding with too many customers on the same circuit. false advertising to me. that allows them to charge 20 bux to 100 peeps on the same circuit so to say.. instead of 20 bux to 80 peeps. more people on one circuit the slower cuz its shared bandwidth.

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Yes Dr^no got the Adware and it did help! Much better back to normal. Hard to believe all the spyware and junk that I had! Thanks!

Will try other speed test sites that others suggested! Thanks again! Dr^no thinking about getting the pay for version of Adware. Still looking for a good popup blocker! Any suggestions?

Thanks again!

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Guest Trusten

Listen, I had the exact same problem last week. I was used to 2500kbps dl and was only getting like 600 or 800 all of a sudden. I'm on winme so i typed winipcfg in the run box, release all, then renew all. Worked like a charm. I was immediatley back to 2500kbps. Then I used a little program by speed guide.net called TCP Optimizer and was gettin a dl speed of 3600kbps (and still am ;) ). Hope this helps you.

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