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Top Dawg Challenge

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Well? The winners are?


In the STOCK Competition

The Overall winner recieves a New BFG GEFORCE 6800 Video Card.


In the OVERCLOCKED Competition

Prizes will go to the Top AMD and PENTIUM Systems...

The Overall Winner will recieve a BFG GEFORCE 6800 Ultra

The Other System will recieve a BFG GEFORCE 6800 GT

And the random draw for the 6800? :mrwinky:



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Hey Raymo, who won the draw for the 6800?

The winner of the BFG GeForce 6800 is.............


drumroll please.........






Congrats.... :cheers:


All winners... please send me your name and address via PM so we can get this stuff out to you as soon as posible...


Winners in the OC division...

AMD 1st thru 3rd Place

Intel 1st thru 3rd Place


Winners in the Stock Division...

Overall 1st thru 3rd Place


Great job Guy's & Gal's :cheers:

There will be a Tribute Video soon for the winners ;)

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