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Top Dawg Challenge

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Theres already an inch of snow here!

Wanna come live with us ronnie? Imagine the OC you can get?


Ronnie, we got a pool aka biggest watercooling res. in the world... :shifty:


I'm going to enjoy this winter... :)

you think thats cold ? try my world :mrgreen: Its allready 25 below zero here :( 5 more and im outscoring Shogans Vapo and it dident cost a daim :rolleyes:
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Guest sherkelman

Good luck to all here from BFG, we will be impatiently watching and monitoring your progress! :worship:


Scott Herkelman

EVP Marketing

[bFG Tech]


[bFG] AirWalker

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Shoulda' read the rules first... just benched all... but hey, an extra day to set up the drivers etc...


This will be my first innings here with 2 PC's @ stock settings.


I'm either going to cry in agony or cry with joy...



This challenge only one of your computers can enter.


Good luck


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