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Top Dawg Challenge

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Your score MUST be with in 2000 points of the nearest

Card score like your own or your score will be NOT VALID... (NULL is NOT ALLOWED)


Dont think that will hold m8, i mean a Fx-55 will score 2000 points more then a 3.2 for a example, or is it just the gfx point ? Like 12000-14000 ?

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Ok... Here's the deal.

Rob wants to do a challenge with just the Pittest... I asked him to start it in April so he can promote it...



In the mean time, we're gonna do the team challenge w/o prizes...

Sign ups for the Draft are gonna Start Today

On feb 5th the Team Owners will be Picked

Feb 12th will be the Draft day

Challenge will end 4 weeks after that...


I will be unavailable during Feb 16th thru feb 23rd because Im taking a Well deserved Vacation...

Shogan and Intel Guy should be able to help while Im gone...


let's Play!!!

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