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Top Dawg Challenge

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Yay, back again.

We are stuck on dial-up, how fun. Now i can share the pain with whoever else has it.

I don't know what's happening anymore since i stopped coming for around a week (no internet/dial-up doesn't like sharing with 2 computers), so has anything new come up for the next challenge?



see how fast it is? :P I like the ping time.

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In the New Team Challenge...We should Have Only Leaders with the lowest scores...

This way if Im picked Last.... I wont Care!!!

Really though... I think that would be a better Idea and make it fair...

We could have a preliminary Round... where anybody who wants to join must post a pittest... the pittest #'s would be loaded to a list where as... the people finising in the last 10 spots get the option of being a team leader, Moving up the list as needed til we get 10 leaders... then the leaders will have a chance to study the draft list for posible Draft picks for a week or two, then have the draft.... then we use AM3 and the pittest for the competition... I cant promise prizes. But it would be more fun.

I'll see if we couldn't do that for the next challenge, if it's posible.



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these challenges get more and more complicated.. a prechallenge, challenge to see who scores lower.. the a real chalenge to see who scores higher :blink:


but either way, i think theyre kinda fun, and no prizes would probably be a good idea, since SIK_L_CELL, Shogan, and IG probably have more video cards than they need already, and another challenge would only fill their closets up even more.. :P




what i meant was...

I'm In ;)

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Here's my plan.

Sign ups begin March 1st

You must provide a Valid Pit Test

Video is Capped at 450 and I/O is Capped at 250

"meaning any amount over is deducted from your score"

it Doesn't matter what Resolution you test at...

ISP score will be removed also...


You must provide a Link to your score and the following to be added to the draft.

(Link to pit test)

Processor Type and speed (PENT,3.2mhz - AMD643400,2417mhz)

Pit Score (1927)

Pit Video (346)

Pit I/O (198)

Pit ISP (100)

Calculated Score (????)


These Results will be added to a Master list In the order of High to Lowest Scoring.

The lowest 10 entries will have 1st crack at being team leaders, moving up the list as

needed til we get 10 team Owners or Leaders.The Rest of the Draft list can be studied by the

new owners Til Draft day (March 11th at 8:00 EST) Til then any additional entries can be

added to the draft list. Once the draft is finished, people can still enter the challenge by

submitting their Pit score... There must be at least three entries before the draft can

proceed further.

The Team score will be tabulated differently by totaling the team scores and dividing by the

number of team members posting scores... If a team member does not post with in a week then

his/her Draft pit score will be added with the default AM3 lowest score 45000 (Default) points and

added to the Team challenge list.Nobody has to OC their PC for the OC list... if you wish

you may take the 8% OC increase (your stock score plus 8% = your OC score)


AM3 (Aquamark 3) will be used for testing during the team challenge

The Minimum Score is 45000 points (Default) just case you cant test or you have a poor video

card. Any Driver can be used But.... Your score MUST be with in 2000 points of the nearest

Card score like your own or your score will be NOT VALID... (NULL is NOT ALLOWED)


Look OK?

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so video can be either 16 or 32 bit or limited at 32bit?

any res you want ;)


I told ya ... It was gonna be easy


We are going to Police ourselves it will take 2 complaints (from different teams ) to send a questioable score to the judges... All Judges must agree for a score to be valid...

Shogan, Intel Guy and Myself will judge because we are all unbiased and fair.

The Draft will be done Lottery Style Again, meaning all Owners will be drawn from a hat in order of 1st Pick and so on...


If we get a sponsor we will do all Drawings... we will put all 10 teams in a hat and draw 1, then draw a team member from that team for the prize. Once the team has drawn for a prize they will not be in the next drawing so some other team has a chance to win... after that they will be added to the next drawing..

Meaning... the same team cant win two times in a row.


When the Team challenge starts... the same hardware MUST be used for all Tests, like the last Challenge. ;)


Old AM3 test results and Pit tests cannot be used.


Webby or tgic... We're gonna need a calculator.

Pitscore-Pit Vid-I/O-ISP-AM3 (in that order)

AM3 will be divided by 40 (min default is 45000)

Pit Video Cap 450 the rest deducted form score

I/O cap 250 the rest deducted form score

ISP deducted from score


8% OC tab would be nice too (at the end) ;)

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