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Hmm.. could it be not exact in round because it is too hot and unstable?


I lowered the memory to 166(CPU/14 divider) and had the memory running at 184 MHz @ 2.55 GHz and it was fine. This RAM cannot go past 220 MHz.

Where do you have a CPU/14 divider?



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P2 300 MHz, 66 FSB, no OC - 6m 28s

not that bad (for its age).


16k 2s

32k 6s

64k 13s


6m 28s = 388s

then lets compare that to a P4 @ 3 GHz (its the easiest)

300 MHz * 10=3 GHz


so if this P2 ran @ 3GHz, it would take around 39s (approx., can't test it unless someone would like to volunteer with overclocking a P2 to 3GHz) to calculate 1M :P

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