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Yesterday I purchased and installed PCPitstop Optimizer according to the instructions. It installed an absurd RWIN number nearly 10 times the capacity of my system and then killed my ability to connect to th internet at all. The only way I was able to connect was to use my System Restore in XP to go back to an earlier date. I am very dissatisfied and want to cancel and want a refund of my $29.99 since this utility is NOT user friendly. It is a sick child and I want no part of it.

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The larger RWIN value should not have broken your Internet connection, we haven't had any other people reporting it did that. It might have been some other combination of things, or perhaps interaction with software you also have installed? We'd like to investigate it further. To get a refund just go to our contact page and select PC Pitstop Optimize. Let us know your name and the date you bought it.

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