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Disconnected Too Often

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hi all,

i have this problem of being kicked off my connection by my isp, too regularly. After every like 2 hrs of connection, i'm always offline due to the "best" isp ever. Anyone has any good software to reccomend or tweaks to stop this from happening again?

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If your in the USA and use outlook express for mail,,have it check for mail every 10-15 minutes and leave it minimized on the taskbar,,if your in the UK its most likely your ISP and I don't think there is any getting around that problem. another option is to keep the page below on the taskbar and let it do its thing. :mrgreen: v




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some isp's for dial up have a connection "log - off" for lack of a better term. that just makes it so that your net cuts off every so often. i had 56 k at one time and hated it, but my connection was the same way as yours. but mines was pretty precise most of the time right at two hours, give or take 10 minutes either way. call your isp to see ifthey have the time cap to where it shuts u off line then u can start right back on no prob. dont ask me why they do that, but some do.

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