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Hey How Bout A New Brigade

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Guest woodhack

I want in too , was already a member in old forums , but I guess I have to start al over again . Every rime I make senior member y'all change it up & I have to start all over . Oh well , at least it's fixed . :nospys::nospys::nospys::nospys::nospys::nospys:

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What is the brigade about? I've already bashed one gator on a relatives computer...Must kill gator...Speaking of, where can I get pictures of the gator? I bet I could do some funny stuff with it, lol.

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Hehehee... I just love it when I see someone post one of my creations... I made that Gator gif in Paint Shop Pro 5 and Animation Shop 3 back in July as a joke for Volt. I'm so happy to see it again... :P


Incidently, the ASB was formed on the 4th of July 2002.


Also, using the original text file list I made based on posts in the ASB thread on the original UBB Pitstop forum, and from members on the phpBB list, I think I have got everyone re-signed up. If I happened to miss you... Let me know and I will fix yer up. At the moment, not including Forum Staff Members who are part of the group, we have 47 members. But when you add us in, I believe the total is something like 55.

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