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Rwin 255552?


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Beeing a long time user of PCPITSTOP I decided to buy Pcpitstop Optimizer without the possibility of testing a "Trial Version"....


As a result of a first test I saw no bennefits... (my connection is DSL 1024/256) and was surprised by the fact of RWIN beeing changed to 255552.


DslReports and other experts recomend a maximum of 26136 for a PPOE DSL connection so I changed my RWIN with DRTCP to its previous value of 23136 and there is no change for better or worst :(


By the way.... when I registered on the Forum my country PORTUGAL was not listed. It's a shame :nuke:


That's all

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There isn't a single RWIN value that is perfect for all destinations, but the best one is one that is as big as possible without causing bottlenecks in routers along the way. I would think that 23136 was too small for distant connections though.


I thought we had all the flags...sorry about that! Maybe we can find one.

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