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Please, ... Help This Research Project


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If you have looked at the topic that appears at the top of the first page of Discussions, you could be forgiven for thinking it was something to do with Origami. :mrsgreen:


My response appears as a reply. :blank:

Help from David and Donna (which put me on the right track) appears later in the posting. :)


I am posting this to (hopefully) attract a wide range of members to the issues involved. ;)


This link takes you to the diseases ... not too technical


This link takes you to the original posting of this topic


This link takes you to the Stanford site ... originally posted by Radio


:blank: I hope these links work OK ... I have been confused with them :erm: .


MrFred ... hopes you will assist with this research :) .

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mohawkwarrior .... sorry I'm a bit late responding to you .... The Hanford site is a biggish site and mainly complex details .... the sort of stuff you could expect from a academic institution .... you always have to bare in mind that such places haven't had a good day until some gibberish is handed out to the likes of us .... the public at large.


Now that radio has collected all the bits and pieces of "folding" into one "room" .... I intend to post a human perspective of this protein stuff .... The mechanics of folding has been covered in great depth .... but there is some aspects of this (firewall) that have been pertinent to me .... so lets see what happens .... but, do remember, I have domestics and contemplatives to keep me company much of the time :)

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