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Emarket Research Group True?

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In my opinion no. Anything like this is just likely to rip you off. Some friends of mine used a similar site to get an ipod. They had to pay £30 and the more people they got to buy the higher up the waiting list they get. They never got to the top and the site closed down their money.


This site should answer your questions: http://www.badbusinessbureau.com/reports/ripoff113362.htm


Its up to you what you risk but I'm pretty sure its a rip off.

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:mrsgreen: I went and did about 2/3's of the deal. Seemed like the last step was always one more. then after I stopped I was bombed with emails. So my answer to your queation is: it is a waste of time. Edited by dabwid
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i did about 2 of them and my account says i need ony 4 more offers 6 offers total and it said go back and print out the forum or someting than send it and the laptop is on its way im wating for a email from them they said they get back too me in couple of days and they got a stats meeter or something too. if they get back too me about my email i think it might be true. and if they were doing false avertisement would,t they aready got in trouble and shut down?

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eMarketing is definitely a scam.


Another company called Gratis is the forreal deal though. They have sites for:

Free flatscreens and TVs

Free 40GB iPod Photo

Free 20GB iPod or iPod mini


and then another legit company is OfferCentric. They have sites for:

Free personal video players

Free digital cameras


Gratis has showed up in the news a couple times:





I already got my iPod mini, but now I'm trying for some of this other stuff.

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