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Thank you :woot:. Yes, I would consider getting a new fx-55, but the thing is, I am running PCI-Express right now, and my x800 xt is also. I have a really nice motherboard. I would have to change my proc, mobo, vid card, and possibly even my ram. Do the fx-53's require registered memory? I would'nt know, I stay with intel myself. I think I am just going to keep advancing the path I have chosen, and upgrade along the way. Right now I am having a really hard time finding a kickass water cooling system that will work with my lga775. Prescotts DO run very very very hot. Sometimes, under heavy load, it will even get up to 67C. I really need to find some good watercooling to knock that down.

939 processors are non-registered memory. :)
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Avalanche...I know the feeling about the P4Es scoring low in the pit. I've got a brand, spanking new 3.6 and it performs to 93% (a low 5000) at best.


Best explanation I've had so far is that the pit hasn't had enough experience of them yet. Maybe that will change in time. :)


As for upgrading the graphics card - I want to change mine. The X600 is a total bag of :censored: , but at the moment it seems like graphics card manufacturers haven't had enough time to figure out how they can maximise the potential of PCIe. Either that or they're quite happy to keep producing and selling great AGP cards.


I'm waiting for a dirty great nVidia PCIe card, but nothing seems to be around... :blank:



My Pit Results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=LWW39WXJQ1RSG067

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Alright well I adjusted some new things, and improved my score by over 100 points. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QWU79WQTJTRSZ967


Now, another thing to talk about here. I want to get water cooling to cool down my prescott, and to do a little overclocking, maybe to 3.8ghz.


BIG PROBLEM!!! I just found out that the nice, big, expensive, INTEL MOTHERBOARD WILL NOT OVERCLOCK! Oh no! :erm::mrsgreen:


I am almost considering buying a new motherboard, like an ASUS! LOL I spent over 200bucks as well. Does anybody know of any possible way, that I can overclock with an intel board? I dont care if I have to hack the bios, intel is a peice of :filtered: for denying overclocking. They should make it a law to print on the front of every intel box "Warning, product does NOT allow overclocking!"


Im very sad now, lol.

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forget the CPU score AMD's always score high in that area even the XP chips ... but sucked for mem speeds .. not a good comparison ... as for scorin i would like to see a 3dbench like AM3 or 3dmark01-03 or-05



but knowing this about the prescotts i think i'm gonna build one for myself ... but am also gonna consider a koolance case like that as well or a simmiliar one from dangerden.com .... but will be holding out for 6800 PCI-E .... no not even gonna consider a SLI ;)

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Its actually got nothing to do with the cpu speeds, its more or less the arcitechture of the cpu. AMD cpus process 9 instructions per cycle, Intel, only 6. So in theory amd is about 50% more effiecient than Intel.


If amd were to get its core speeds up as high as intel, intel would no longer exist as a company. ;) nuff said.

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