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Amd Cooling With Fans..best Set Up?

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I recently bought a AMD Athlon XP 2700 running at 2.167GHz. I have a stock Heat sink fan blowing air down on the cpu,a rear case fan blowing air out,a PSU fan sucking air up into the PSU and

blowing it out the back of the case then last i have a side fan that blows air in towards the mobo.


My temp during bench mark on UnRealTournament 2003 is 125-F.



WHat is the best set up to help get my temps down?


Should the HSink fan blow air towards or away from CPU?


WHat are the best and most efficient case fans to use?


my case---> Pic of my case


Thanks for all your help PcPitstoppers!!



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can someone assure me of this....that my temps should be around 125-F at peek cpu usage...seems high to me and afew friends at work told me theirs run lower....




Just looking for a better alternative to cooling with what i all ready have...


THANKS >>>>!

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IF 125-F sound correct then at what temp should i not allow my CPU to reach?


i would say 140..just my guess...amd cpu's are new to me i am used to the P4 which runs cooler.

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wow and thats pretty dang hot too.....thanks




DOes anyone have any input on the direction of fans in my case.....look at the first post to see how i have set up... also what is best direction to have air flow at cpu ...at or away from cpu?



THANKS TONS :mrgreen:

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The cpu fan should be blowing through the heat sink, onto the cpu.


The only question I have about your fan set up is that you seem to have more out-takes than in-takes. A second in-take fan would redress the balance and imporove air flow.

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Jammin...i sort of only have one out take for air flow on the back of thecase the other out take is on the PSU that is above the CPU and that is kind of a give in for an out take but is more for cooling the PSU.tThe intake which is on the side is the only other fan i have that is part of the case.

I do wish i had a top slot for a fan though maybe i can talk my friend(whom i built the pc for) into modding the case alittle to help with heat dissippation.


Atleast I have learned abit about AMD's from building this compy... :blush:

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