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Is There Any Folding Team Here?


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jander, not ram eatter cpu cycle eatter. :P

SETI used to take upwards of 15-25MB of memory on my system, whereas the folding client (I downloaded the non-screensaver, console version) takes up a little bit less than 6MB. As far as time it takes, it's kinda like SETI@home in that some WU will take a bit longer than others. I've got two systems in my room running it: my XP box and my unix box. My XP box is using a 2.53GHz P4 w/512 PC2700 DDR SDRAM. My unix box is running an AMD Athlon 1700+ w/512 PC2100 DDR SDRAM. I dunno if RAM makes much difference on this, but I know it makes a difference on the Prime95 client. Anyway, this is more fun cos it's accomplishing something tangible.
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I'm beginning to feel quite clever again now .. :blink: .. and I've got the firewall back in place :rolleyes:


From the above posts .......... It looks as if I should become part of the team ............. :shifty:tomorow :shifty:


So far:-


Working on

p720_ABeta 17-42


WU progress:


(32 percent)


Now, MrFred .... is much happier :) .

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I've been waiting two days now! :(:erm: .


WU so far is 90% ...... nearly there.


And then I think we have to wait for Stanford to wake up :mrgreen::)

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1st WU finished at 15.13hrs .... now 4% into next WU. :)


No team submission yet .. :( .. ahhhh well ... keep waiting :erm:


:P Like watching paint dry :P

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IT took me like straight 14hrs on my dual,what a bamer, and at the same time seti@home, i think they have to work with this program because it uses only have the speed of my comp(do u have all that bigi numbers like 500 to process)


And how do i get higher progres i wana go over 600 or even 700 i got just 500 i wana beet u all.


And what kind of rig u have MRFRED that u finish in 15hrs? :blink:


Any one wana buy my mobo cpus and ram?

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Posted on Apr 15 2003, 11:54 PM


And what kind of rig u have MRFRED that u finish in 15hrs?


My computer is the Packard Bell iXtreme with 512MB Ram and two 60 GB hard disks .... it is badly set up .. :angry: .. and the C: drive is about to break down .. :woot: .. so it keeps telling me :nuke: .


I intend replacing the drive .... and changing from ME >>> XP Pro .... soon ....

the machine runs 24 hrs a day .... and I use ADSL.


If you look at the previous posting, below, it says it finished the 1st WU at 15.13hrs (Tuesday) .... That 1st WU took almost two days to complete .... nearly 48 hrs .... and it still hasn't been entered in the team table? :mrsgreen: .



Posted on Apr 15 2003, 04:16 PM


1st WU finished at 15.13hrs .... now 4% into next WU.  


No team submission yet ..  .. ahhhh well ... keep waiting  


The current (2nd) WU is now 45% complete .... which I calculate will take about 21½hrs to complete (total) :erm: .


How is team number entered .... 32035 .... or .... #32035 ..... ???


I seem to be going to a lot of trouble .... with nothing to show for my efforts :blank: .

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Hehe, it's kinda tight, you and I keep trading places. You rake up beaucoup points on each WU. Even though I've got twice as many as you (as of right now) it's pretty darn close :mrgreen:


We'll see what happens :gator:


***Hmmm, my fast P4 system is gonna take a while with the current project - it's a biggie, but my AMD has a relatively small one and should finish in maybe 10-15 hours.

Edited by Stasi
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I'm nearly at the end of the 2nd of the WU ..... and they won't let me go to the start line :(:blank: .


Does anyone else appear to be getting this problem :blank: :help:

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Hmmm, did you type in the correct team number? (32035)? Also, go to the stats page at folding.stanford.edu and do a search for the name you registered with. That should show you if your WU are being counted but going elsewhere.

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My primary machine is running a P4 2.53 GHz with 512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM and Windows XP. My second machine is running an AMD 1700+ with 512MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM and Red Hat 7.3 . I *might* in the near future put a dual Celly 533 system on, but as of yet I only have two completely functional machines.


The current WU and the prior WU my P4's been working on have been big proteins. The prior one took over 30 hours, nominally, though if I had left the system to do nothing else by that WU, it would have taken closer to about 27.33 hours. This current WU is going to take the same amount of time. The last one and the current one are big proteins being processed with the Tinker core. The WU's that use the GROMACS core take only a little more than 7 hours.


On my AMD Linux box GROMACS core WUs take roughly 13 hours. With the Tinker core, it does a WU in about 24 hours.


As of this post, my AMD box is 40% finished with a WU using GROMACS and my P4 is on frame 43 out of 400 on a Tinker core WU.

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Let me know if I ever get to joining the team .... it'll soon be a week now :huh: .

Smiles :)


MrFred. I am wondering if you have the configuration correct. It is possible to get confused during installation. They hit a person pretty darn fast with the need to enter a User Name and they don't explain that very well during installation. Did you use the nickname of your choice and type it where it belongs? And to join the team did you use the team number for the PitCrew? To check this right click the icon for the client on your taskbar and select "configure" and click it. You should see something similar to this:

Posted Image


Where I have "oftentired" you would, of course, have the nickname of your choice. And where I have the team number you should have it as well.


On another topic which may be of interest to everyone who is running the program. If you navigate to the installation folder which will likely be C:\Program Files\Folding@Home and open the text file with the name unitinfo.txt you can find some useful information about your current crunch session. Most important to me was the information about how long I have to get the thing done. These huge ones take forever.


Have a nice day


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