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The true classic had to be Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Ive still got it in fact. I recon its time to visit the loft and blow of the years of dust on it. :D


Even though this game isnt as old as some of the ones u lot put down but:


Perfect Dark has to be a golden classic game for the N64 I loved that game. what u lot think?

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Hm. River Raid on Atari 2600 was pretty good. I can't remember much of it though...was sooo long ago.


Remember trying to code up a massive game in BASIC from a book in the library (?). Took a week on non-stop coding, only to find the damn thing didn't run!


I didn't bother debugging. It'd take twice as long to find the problem. :rolleyes:


Police Quest 2 on the IBM XT was a frequently played game. It does explain why I can't type properly (as in technique). Still manage to get a good speed going (70-90wpm).


Nintendo? Probably the Double Dragon series. Could never finish the final boss :). Eventually we got im... :woot:

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