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If you go to the "test problems" section you'll sometimes see people making a similar argument that there is a problem with the tests because a couple of people a day are reporting slow disk performance for example. But about 8,000 of people test their computers at PC Pitstop every day. Even if you assume there are ten people who don't report a problem for every one that does, ten or twenty out of 8,000 is not a lot. And if you look through those threads to the end, the resolution usually is that there really is a problem with their systems and not with the tests.


We did have a beta version of Optimize, and it was tested on dozens of systems. All the moderators got a copy to try, and nobody found any problems. Unfortunately, there were a few cases that we couldn't test. That's always going to be the case, no matter how long the beta test period is or who tests it--ask Microsoft about XP SP2.


The difference is what the company does to fix the bugs and solve the user's problem. In every case, we refunded their money immediately, worked with them to find out what happened, and fixed the problem. Even if we solved the problem, they got a free copy of Optimize for their trouble. I have spent several hours on the phone walking people through fixes, and even helped one person clean up some unknown form of spyware that may have contributed to the failure.


We have not had anyone report problems since my posts on October 9, so I sure hope that we got most of them. If not, we will do just as before and work with the users to find and fix the problem. If someone has bought Optimize and has a question about their computer--whether it's related to Optimize or not--we will try to go the extra mile. They thought enough of our site to buy our product, it's the least we can do.


I do wish more of the users that had problems would come back and let the others know about how it was resolved. I also hope that some of the other customers will drop by and let people know how they liked the product. That's one of the reasons we have this open forum, so that everyone can see we are willing to be open.

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