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You should make sure that you keep the file extension the same. Sometimes when you hit rename you type in a new name and it loses the extension (probably a .mid??) something like that. Make sure what was after the "." in the file name remains there after the name change.

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By default, windows hides the extension of known files, IE: Word Documents are shown to you as REPORT (with a Word icon) rather than REPORT.DOC which is what the computer sees.


Since I've been using the computer for years, I have many of the defaults that Windows uses for simplicity and safety turned off.


To change theses settings open My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types." Click "Apply," "Apply to all folders," "Reset All Folders" "OK" (I'm not sure if all these clicks are neccesary, but I do it and it works and since I only have to do it once, I don't bother to experiment to find out)


Now all the files will have their extensions listed, making it easier to rename them.



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