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My mouse will all of a sudden jump to a corner of my screen. Usually one of the top corners. I've tried in vain to reproduce the problem. Its very annoying. I've looked for new drivers but since I dont know what drivers to look for I opted not to change them. Anyone got any idea? FPS games are a nightmare.


Latest results. Thanks.

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I have an old wireless ball mouse but, YUCK! That would be like walking when theres a mercedes in the driveway. :lol:.

I use a mouse pad now but havent always and the problem was evident then as well. I know to keep it off reflective surfaces. I cant for the life of me manage to cause it. It happens when its sitting still or while moving. Theres no logic to it that I can see.

I've been shot dead no less than 8 times due to this problem. You dont want me shot now do you? :blink: When it occurs all I can see is sky and I am spinning around counterclockwise.

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