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Win98 Wierd Tracert Slow Broadband

Guest jgharris7

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Guest jgharris7

I have two machines hooked up through a router going through a cable modem. One is XP and the other is 98. The XP performance if fine. The Windows 98 performance is eratic. It often slows down and sometimes rebooting seems to help speed the connection up again. I get good performance on the pcpitstop bandwith test (usually > 1Mbps, but sometimes it hangs). My Win98 machine uses an Intel P4-1.6GHz processor and DDRAM memory.


The strange thing is when I do a tracert to www.yahoo.com, I notice a significant pause between displaying the three times and the IP address of the sites along the route. If I do a tracert -d, then there is no such pause. If I run the tracert from my Windows XP machine, I get no pause between showing the three times and the IP address.

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