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Sp2 & Positive Feedback?

Guest Robin166

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We have not had a single report of an issue with SP2. We tested Optimize on multiple SP2 systems and feel confident with its compatibility.


As for positive feedback I have had several emails directly to me with positive feedback but the forum has been pretty quite. I think most of the forum activity has been technical support questions and we have address and have identified a resolution on every issue so far.


If any Optimize users want to chime in it would be great. :)

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SP2 arrived in my PC three weeks ago...not a single problem, not one, big or small. Not even a tiny, tiny hint of a problem. What I'm trying to say is this: no problems with SP2. :)


I think the people who 'tinker' with their machines are the one's who have the problems. I leave mine alone. The pop-up blocker is very good, it's made the one on the Google toolbar redundant. No complaints here. Even my neighbour who has just gone online this week and got SP2 on Sunday had a pain-free install.


ST - happy with SP(2) :tup:

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As far as positive feedback, it's a sad fact that most of the people that visit any forum are there because of computer failures, not computer victories! The same thing has happened with XP Service Pack 2, I have upgraded a dozen systems myself and only one system had a problem--it was a poorly written driver that wasn't Microsoft's doing.


Optimize has a money-back guarantee, if you don't like it you get your money back, period. All we ask is that you let us know what you did and didn't like about the product. Feedback is extremely valuable to us.

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Guest swetherton

I install xp home, then downloaded service pack 1 & 2. even ordered the cd for service pack 2. which they sent within a week. and it's free. I am running old programs and new with no problem. Don't really see what all the ho-ha has been about. Had to change one driver for visioneer 7600 usb scanner. did a search and found a work around for that program. the only thing was when i first load xp was the drivers I had to get for my sata. xp and service pack 2 beat crash and burn windows 98.

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