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I think the 9700 can be soft modded to 9800, but check with others on this.



The 9700Pro can't be softmodded to a 9800, because the 9800Pro has something the 9700Pro doesn't have: An F buffer, so it allows for longer shader instruction length, and a few other things.


You might be able to OC to 9800 speeds, but it still doesn't have the F buffer.

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Alas, I think I'll stick with the 9600 PRO.

I'm not too bothered about playing the latest games at the highest settings. I want something that will let me improve the settings on my favourite games, but which doesn't cost too much. I looked at the 9600XT that crossfire linked to, but it's a bit too much for me.

AdamMAXIS, I hear what you say about the softmodding. Can I soft mod a 9600 PR0 anyone?

PDASam and Vranichou thanks for the updates on the prices.

Yes, "ill-intentioned villains" indeed. What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say on promotional literature! :lol:


wdeydwondrer, I checked ATI's site and you were correct. It's a 128bit card with 1.6 fillrate. My current nVidia MX 420 has a fillrate of 1. The Radeon also has 4 pipes, which I understand is not as good as 8, but it's a cheaper card.


brandon, I take it overclockers site would tell me if I can overclock my 9600 PRO or not?

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You'll be able to overclock your video card, but it varies widely on the actual card itself. Quality of the components, PCB, how much cooling is applied to the card etc.


You can help by looking at the RAM chips. They can give you a general idea of the speeds you'll be able to achieve.

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Well, what can I say? I checked my Dell documentation and it says that I have an AGP 4x slot.

1) Does that mean that my new 8x card won't work as well on my PC?

2) Will it be restricted to 4x performance?

3) Will this be the case if I wait till next year and buy a better graphics card?


Basically, what I need to know is if my current motherboard is restricting me from enjoying the full effects of a new card. Would the AGP 4x slot restrain my new card from working at it's best?


I might even wait till next year now.... 9800 PRO or another one.


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Most new AGP cards can work at either 4x or 8x (but not any lower/higher).


I have an X800, and that can do either 4x or 8x.


No game today really utilizes the 8x transfer speed, but already a new replacement has been found: PCI-Express (PCI-E).

You might be better to wait for that to come into the market, if nothing more than to lower the prices on the AGP cards.


Waiting is good, but definitely eats at you after a while. :)

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I asked a friend and he told me that an AGP 8x card wouldn't work in my AGP 4x PC! Does he know what he's talking about?!



So let me get this right, an 8x card WILL work in my 4x PC? Just not as fast, obviously.(If your X800 works at 4x and 8x, so should the 9600 right?)


My friend told me I had no choice but to get a PCI card, which you mentioned. I'm going to wait for a while and see what happens to the price of the 9800 PRO.


Thanks for your continued advice, inedibleshoe. I really appreciate your input. :yup:

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