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Suddenly I Can Nly Boot In Safemode


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just built my puter....

everything was going good --- then i started once and it restarted on it own. that happened twice,,,, now when i start it --- it boots into windows, thne restarts. i can boot in safemode, but i cant figure out where to start troublshooting. i did not install any new hard/software b4 the problem. control panel shows no conflicts or disabled stuff.....


any ideas????????



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I had a problem similar to this when I built my box.

What have you run on it? My problem stemmed from a BootVis temp, I just had to run BootVis again the problem disappeared.


Might be something running at startup, since Safe Mode doesn't do autorun stuff.


Have you posted a HiJackThis! log?

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welp its like this ----


this is a new build all that is installed on it is this....

xp pro

office xp pro

microsoft publisher 2002

microsoft power point 2002


drivers for via chipset & nvidia 5500 video card



that's really it


as far as running bootvis --- i have no idea what that is --- can you tell me how to do it?


and i dont know what the hijackthis log is. sorry for being ignorant --- but i will give it a shot if you tell me how !!! :)

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There's a few links floating 'round somewhere of where to get HiJackThis!. Basically, stop all non-vital processes (including IM's, downloads/download monitors and anti-virus) and run HiJackThis!. Don't fix anything, as you'll probably, like most of us, have no clue as to what it all means. Post the log in the HJT forum and find help there.


BootVis deletes your prefetch folder (basically the cache, the thing that tells the computer what you use most so it can load those things faster when requested) and makes a new one. Don't use unless you know what you're doing or under the instruction of someone else who does.


So, booting in safe mode works. Do you have the latest drivers for your video card? Could be hardware, do you have access to parts you know are working, such as spare RAM, etc? Probably RAM if anything, but only check out hardware if nothing else people here suggest works.

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seems that uninstallnig/reinstalling the video driver worked....


thanks for all the help!!!!!


i still hav emy doubts about stability with this system --- so i will probably be back :)



thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!11



deafdumbblind ---- i bet yer really good at pinball ---- right?

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