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Ran Spybot For The 1st Time (did I Srew Up?)


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I ran SB for the 1st time and should have read more than I did. I ran the Immunization and when it was done I was told that 2306 something I don't remember was now blocked. I read through the tutorial and thought I understood everything but I have no idea just want this means. I know this is not much information but can anyone tell me what I just did? thanks for any help.


Tricks :blink: :help:

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You haven't screwed over your machine or anything.


You should immunize after each update. The immunization is just like what you'd get for hepatitis or measles, just for your computer. You've simply decreased the chances of getting some of the currently known stuff. If you do happen to get it the scan will take care of it.


You did the right thing by immunizing.

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"When you “Immunize”, entries are added to the system Registry. This blocks cookies from some sites, places other sites in the restricted zone and blocks the download of selected ActiveX scripts."


Quote from md usa spybot fan.


Inp. ;)

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